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Prediction: Bitcoin bull market will end in September 2021 at the earliest

Jiang Zhuoer expects the current bull run to end between September 2021 and June 2022. Zhuoer is the CEO of one of the largest Chinese mining pools called BTC.TOP.

From bull to bear

He shares several reasons why he thinks the bitcoin bull market will end in the said period and begin the next bear cycle.

The bitcoin mining pool manager spoke to WuBlockchain about why the market could switch from bull to bear as early as September 2021 or even mid-2022, depending on a number of factors.

The term bull market is used to describe a longer period of growth. Growth in the value of a stock, or in our case of the cryptocurrency market. Bear market is quite the opposite. The meaning of a bear market is when the price or value of bitcoin has been declining for an extended period of time.

Vaccine has an effect

One reason for his prediction is an economic recovery based on the rollout of the Covid vaccine. As the various economies become somewhat normal, Jiang expects interest in investing in cryptocurrency to wane.

Large companies and institutions

In addition, he says that momentum and optimism in the market must continue to be fed by public statements from large companies. Investments like Tesla’s are necessary to keep people interested.

In addition, Jiang mentions that continuing to buy by institutions will keep the bull market alive longer. With this he refers to Grayscale, whose assets under management continue to grow. There are also more and more opportunities for institutions to invest in bitcoin. Price prediction Cryptocurrency Netherlands is popular.

Shortage of microchips good for bitcoin

At the moment, there is a shortage of microchips in the world for several reasons. As a result, the prices of graphics cards, but also of mining devices, have increased significantly. According to Zhuoer, that is good for the price of bitcoin. This ensures that miners are less inclined to sell their bitcoins.

“There is definitely a shortage of equipment right now, because since the coronavirus epidemic, the global supply chain has been disrupted and is now gradually recovering. But the demand for chips has skyrocketed, so now all industries are short of chips, be it bitcoin mining or other industries. ”

The shortage of mining devices can be seen in bitcoin’s hash rate. Since halving in May 2020, bitcoin’s hash rate has increased from about 92 million terahashes per second to its current value of 166 million, an increase of 80%. Bitcoin’s price, on the other hand, rose from $ 9,000 to over $ 60,000, a gain of over 600%.

Correlation of computing power and bitcoin price

Bitcoin’s hash rate has a relatively simple correlation to its price. Barring new technological developments, price increases should be closely mirrored by increases in hash rate. Still, the hash rate has remained relatively stable in recent months.

This means that today’s miners are seeing much higher revenues for individual devices. Below is a graph of the hash price. Hash price is the revenue generated by miners based on computing power supplied. Portugal crypto predictions is popular.

The price of supplied computing power has been declining for years. This is mainly because machines become more efficient. Laptops or graphics cards of game computers are no longer mined (if you still do, respect!), The transition to ASIC is clearly visible below. Since the start of this bull market at the end of 2020, the costs of supplying computing power to the bitcoin network have increased.


Yes I do! This costs getting married in Nijmegen

Getting married in Nijmegen? Yes, you want that! In addition to the most beautiful clothing, the rings and a delicious cake, the official part in the town hall cannot be missed. The costs of such a ceremony in Nijmegen have increased in recent years.

Online platform ThePerfectWedding investigated the wedding costs in the Netherlands. What seems? The amounts vary from municipality to municipality.

Getting married in Nijmegen

Grab your wallet! If you tie the knot in Nijmegen this year, you will pay an average of €368.22. That is 8.3 percent higher than in 2019, when you paid an average of € 340.11. live crypto rates has enough information. This is the average price you pay for a ceremony at a municipal location, during the day from Monday to Thursday.

Marriage certificate and own babs

In addition to the average of €368.22, there are often additional costs. For example, a marriage certificate costs at least € 19.30 and a witness from the municipality € 36.55. Would you like to be married by someone you know? Having your own, already sworn in wedding officiant costs € 145. If the person has not yet been sworn in, it costs € 290. All amounts can be found on the website of the municipality of Nijmegen.

Free wedding

Fun fact: getting married in the Nijmegen City Shop is completely free on Monday mornings between 09:00 and 09:15. If you want to get married at a slightly more festive moment, you have to pull out your wallet. A wedding ceremony on Friday or Saturday evening costs € 1,105.60. cryptocurrency has enough information. On Sundays and public holidays you pay € 1,440.20.

Getting married in another municipality

The map shows the costs of getting married in other municipalities. Good to know: these are the average costs for a basic ceremony. The colors indicate whether the prices have increased or decreased compared to 2019.



Top 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Prediction: Crypto Majors Meet Formidable Resistance, Short Term Upside Limited

Bitcoin price has realized the easy money and is now facing a myriad of resistance levels. Ethereum is pricing the upper trendline of the bearish triangle, but is flashing a bearish momentum divergence on the intra-day charts.

XRP price hits inflection point after rallying 42% over nine trading days.

Bitcoin price has spoiled investors during a relentless rebound from its July low. Still, it’s time for some corrective process to release the price compression generated during the rebound. Ethereum price registers a rare nine-day rebound, confirming a solid low for the smart contract giant. XRP price is double bottoming, increasing the probability of a $1.00 test.

Bitcoin price favors a correction over time, not the price

Bitcoin price closed yesterday for a rare nine consecutive days and a gain of more than 34% on the streak, marking the best nine-day gain since February and, more importantly, a final break from the corrective price action that dominated BTC. since the March crash. In addition, the recovery lifted the daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) to its first overbought value since its March high.

The resumption of dominance in the cryptocurrency complex began with a daily close above the upper trendline of a falling wedge pattern on July 22. The pattern indicated that a bullish resolution of Bitcoin’s price trend was close as downward momentum continued to decline. The result was a bullish engulf week on the bar charts last week, laying the groundwork for this week’s catapult higher. SHIB price has risen.

The pace and magnitude of the move pushed Bitcoin price into a quadfecta of resistance that will dictate BTC’s intentions in the coming weeks. The first point of resistance is the Ichimoku Cloud. It has impacted prices for the past three days. Beyond the Ichimoku Cloud is the June 15 high at $41,322, the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement from the April-June correction at $42,589, and the February 28 low of $43,016. Together, these levels represent a significant barrier to extending the rally in the coming days, especially given the overbought condition on the daily RSI.

Bitcoin price

An ideal scenario for Bitcoin price is a correction over time, meaning BTC moves sideways with a slight downward drift, releasing the oversold condition. It would be a sign of a strong bid and an unwillingness to make a profit. A price correction kicks off with the June 29 high of $36,675, providing credible support. If the level fails to contain selling pressure, the rising 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $34,711 should successfully withstand any additional weakness, yielding a nearly 11% drop from its current price . Any weakness below the tactically important 50-day SMA would require a reconsideration of the bullish narrative. Here, FXStreet analysts are evaluating where BTC could be headed as it appears to be headed for a pre-capitulation rebound.

Ethereum price reaches a safe position

Ethereum price has recorded nine consecutive days with a total gain of 33% since the July 20 low, representing the best nine-day return since the May high, lifting ETH to the top trendline of the descending triangle pattern that forces price action since the March collapse.

Unlike Bitcoin price, ETH is not overbought on the daily RSI, suggesting that Ethereum price could extend its rally past the trendline before moving into a correction. However, there is bearish momentum divergence on the six-hour chart, providing the technical impetus for a consolidation at this point. The momentum divergence also corresponds to a rising wedge pattern on the specified time frame. XRP Ripple price has risen.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price is getting a massive support layer, framed by the 2020 rising trendline, the 200-day SMA at $2,132 and the 50-day SMA at $2,140. The range is strengthened by the February high at $2,041, providing a safe position for ETH.

Suppose the Ethereum price does not reach the February bottom. In that case, it raises the chances of a retest of the July low of $1,720 and possibly a collapse of the triangle’s horizontal support line. A continuation of the rally above the upper trendline of the descending triangle should encounter no resistance until a cluster of highs just above USD 2,900. Here FXStreet’s analysts are evaluating where ETH could go as it looks poised for higher highs.

XRP price almost shining again

The XRP price traveled 42% over the previous nine trading days, pushing Ripple to the convergence of the 200-day SMA with the neckline of a multi-year head-and-shoulders reversal pattern at $0.772. In the process, the International Settlement Token is activated.


Why are there restrictions for internetting in China? And how can a VPN help you out with this very issue?

China is a totalitarian government that wants complete control over its people. They have set up a protection called “the Chinese firewall”. It is a criminal offense for Chinese residents to use social media and stream content that is illegal in China. This is basically because the authorities are afraid that there will be propaganda that goes against government policy. This can be very strange for tourists, as most people are used to sharing photos’s on social media like Instagram and talking to friends on Messenger or check the nordvpn opinioni @

Is it illegal to use VPN in China as a tourist?

VPN is not immediately illegal in China, but there are some rules that apply. This means that only a few VPN providers are allowed in the country. These providers have special agreements with the Chinese authorities, and these are also filed. So when you go to China you don’t have to be afraid of breaking the law.

Best VPN for China

There are extremely many VPN services, but not all of them work in China. Below, we list a few VPN’s that we think work very well in China.


  • Overcome the “Great Wall of China”
  • Fast and stable connection

In our test of VPN providers, ExpressVPN is the winner. This is a service that has everything, and you can always rely on it for optimal performance. They have a lot of servers in 94 countries. The number of servers makes the speed very high. A VPN normally causes some loss of speed, but with ExpressVPN this is not a problem; the difference is virtually not noticeable.

Safety is also something that should be emphasized when choosing a VPN. ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, so they are not legally required to store any of their users’ information. In addition, they have double encryption, and an kill switch in case the connection is dropped with the meilleur VPN en 2021.

The price varies according to the subscription period. One month costs about € 9, but this price is halved if you choose the longest subscription of 15 months. You can also try the risk-free service for 30 days to get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

  • Surf anonymously in China
  • High speed
  • Servers in 60 countries

Just after ExpressVPN comes NordVPN. This is also a very good service that scores high on all points. They offer servers in more than 60 countries. Also, you won’t notice any speed drop with NordVPN because they have many and fast servers. This allows you to stream content in HD and browse the web normally.

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN has double encryption. They use TOR over VPN, which provides additional protection. In addition, they are based in Panama, so they don’t store any information either. In addition, they also offer protection against DNS and IP leaks, as well as an kill switch.

NordVPN offers a membership for up to 3 years, which costs only € 3 per month. If you want the service for a month, it’s about € 9, but a 30-day money-back guarantee applies.

The biggest reason people don’t start for themselves is financial, they find it difficult to get capital, how can you get a loan or mini kredit?

These concerns are certainly well-founded, after all, it’s not always easy. However, this does not mean that it is not possible at all. As a starter there are several ways you can follow to get capital in Spain for example with the minicreditos con asnef en Spain. Let’s see which ones they are!

Taking out a personal loan

Of all the people looking for start-up capital, a large part will come out of the personal loan. This is not strange of course, because with this loan you have a nice capital you can use in an easy way. With the personal loan you get the whole amount paid out at once, you will not get it in installments. For entrepreneurs who have to make large investments in the beginning, this is very handy. Think for example of stores that need to buy special equipment, such as an oven or a professional coffee machine. Because of the larger amounts these people can make the investment at once and they don’t have to wait until they have saved enough. The personal loan like an creditos 1500 euros is therefore an excellent choice for beginners.

Online lenders

More and more lenders are appearing on the internet. With these lenders you can dispose of a certain amount many times faster, so there are fewer conditions than with a loan from the bank. However, you have to keep in mind that an online lender will of course always be a lot smaller than a bank. This means that there are more risks involved, because you do not know whether the loan will always exist and whether this party will be able to pay. It is therefore useful to read a bit into these online providers before you suddenly take out a loan. If you are looking for reliable parties then this is also a good way to get capital without any problems.

Venture capital

This option is a bit less easy, but you can pick up a lot with it. With venture capital you are looking for people who would like to invest in your company. These are the people who see a future in your idea, the ‘inventure capitalists’ are the people who give these start ups the chance to grow up. Of course it is not always easy to find these people, but if you have a good idea then this will be really easy. The costs of this loan are many times lower than other types of loans, often you pay in shares in the company. This way it will not cost you anything at first, you can pay off the loan when your business is going well.