Yes I do! This costs getting married in Nijmegen

Getting married in Nijmegen? Yes, you want that! In addition to the most beautiful clothing, the rings and a delicious cake, the official part in the town hall cannot be missed. The costs of such a ceremony in Nijmegen have increased in recent years.

Online platform ThePerfectWedding investigated the wedding costs in the Netherlands. What seems? The amounts vary from municipality to municipality.

Getting married in Nijmegen

Grab your wallet! If you tie the knot in Nijmegen this year, you will pay an average of €368.22. That is 8.3 percent higher than in 2019, when you paid an average of € 340.11. live crypto rates has enough information. This is the average price you pay for a ceremony at a municipal location, during the day from Monday to Thursday.

Marriage certificate and own babs

In addition to the average of €368.22, there are often additional costs. For example, a marriage certificate costs at least € 19.30 and a witness from the municipality € 36.55. Would you like to be married by someone you know? Having your own, already sworn in wedding officiant costs € 145. If the person has not yet been sworn in, it costs € 290. All amounts can be found on the website of the municipality of Nijmegen.

Free wedding

Fun fact: getting married in the Nijmegen City Shop is completely free on Monday mornings between 09:00 and 09:15. If you want to get married at a slightly more festive moment, you have to pull out your wallet. A wedding ceremony on Friday or Saturday evening costs € 1,105.60. cryptocurrency has enough information. On Sundays and public holidays you pay € 1,440.20.

Getting married in another municipality

The map shows the costs of getting married in other municipalities. Good to know: these are the average costs for a basic ceremony. The colors indicate whether the prices have increased or decreased compared to 2019.