The biggest reason people don’t start for themselves is financial, they find it difficult to get capital, how can you get a loan or mini kredit?

These concerns are certainly well-founded, after all, it’s not always easy. However, this does not mean that it is not possible at all. As a starter there are several ways you can follow to get capital in Spain for example with the minicreditos con asnef en Spain. Let’s see which ones they are!

Taking out a personal loan

Of all the people looking for start-up capital, a large part will come out of the personal loan. This is not strange of course, because with this loan you have a nice capital you can use in an easy way. With the personal loan you get the whole amount paid out at once, you will not get it in installments. For entrepreneurs who have to make large investments in the beginning, this is very handy. Think for example of stores that need to buy special equipment, such as an oven or a professional coffee machine. Because of the larger amounts these people can make the investment at once and they don’t have to wait until they have saved enough. The personal loan like an creditos 1500 euros is therefore an excellent choice for beginners.

Online lenders

More and more lenders are appearing on the internet. With these lenders you can dispose of a certain amount many times faster, so there are fewer conditions than with a loan from the bank. However, you have to keep in mind that an online lender will of course always be a lot smaller than a bank. This means that there are more risks involved, because you do not know whether the loan will always exist and whether this party will be able to pay. It is therefore useful to read a bit into these online providers before you suddenly take out a loan. If you are looking for reliable parties then this is also a good way to get capital without any problems.

Venture capital

This option is a bit less easy, but you can pick up a lot with it. With venture capital you are looking for people who would like to invest in your company. These are the people who see a future in your idea, the ‘inventure capitalists’ are the people who give these start ups the chance to grow up. Of course it is not always easy to find these people, but if you have a good idea then this will be really easy. The costs of this loan are many times lower than other types of loans, often you pay in shares in the company. This way it will not cost you anything at first, you can pay off the loan when your business is going well.